Behind the scenes

Your peek inside our pack! Welcome and please follow our social media pages to be a part of our extended pack!
We want to see all your posh photos as well...


The "Elder" Mini-Dachshund (or so I've been led to believe). I like cuddling, cheese chips and ripping apart houseplants. Seeking similar minded females.

"Have your people call my people"


Cropdusting since 3/22/19
Togo is my favorite movie! So much that my humans got me my very own "Togo Dog" named Nova (See below for her bio)

“How nice for you to meet me”


One Bad@$$ "B"
7 .5lbs dripping wet, the smallest in the posse…
Halsey Bear don’t care!

"No Ragrets!"

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The newest and fluffiest addition to the Pack.
"Look into my eyes... You're now under my spell and will do anything I want!" - I just want you to love me!

"Just keep digging"

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The Humans that Do our Bidding... lol

Considering the fact that none of us have the ability to type we reluctantly have to rely on our Humans to make all of this possible. We'll keep it brief, some info on our human pack is below:


Our Trainer


The Glue that Binds us All!
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